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Solar Power Systems For Your Home




As some of you may know, every year I help hundreds of thousands of people that visit my website save money by reducing their energy bill by showing them how to insulate their homes. But this article isn't about insulating. Have you considered solar power as an alternative energy source?

If you're like me you are sick and tired of high energy bills. It doesn't matter where you live, they keep going up and up.

It doesn't take much to convert to solar and here are some items to take into consideration:

* Where do you live? Obviously you will need sun exposure. If your neck of the woods has a decent amount of sunshine you should consider adding solar to your home. It will not only save you money but will increase the resale value of your home. 

* Federal, state and local governments are flooding homeowners with incentives to add solar energy systems to their homes. In addition power companies are issuing rebates.

* Costs. Can you afford it? Well, many power companies are offering up to a 30% rebate and the Federal Government will also give you a 30% tax credit. So, you wind up shelling out only 40% of the costs and start saving money immediately.

* Investment. Over time these systems completely pay for themselves and once paid for you will be receiving free power. Not a bad deal at all. 

Like I said above, my expertise is in insulating homes. I don't know squat about installing solar energy systems. But I have provided a link below for you to check out:

Solar Sphere

 solar gadgets=



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