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Insulating Water Pipes

You can save money with insulated water pipes. Hot water pipes that are not insulated will lose water temperatures. Cold water pipes can have condensation build on them. Non-insulated pipes can also freeze, creating a major problem if they break.

Other advantages to insulating water pipes are it will raise the water temperature in the pipes and you will have hotter water delivered to you when turning on the faucet.

There are a couple methods of insulating pipes:

* Insulated Tubular Pipe Sleeves. These have a slit down the middle and fit snuggly around the pipe. Once installed they are sealed with duct tape.

* Fiberglass Insulation. This is wrapped around the pipes and secured with a combination of duct tape and twine.

How To Insulate Water Pipes With Fiberglass Insulation

How To Insulate Water Pipes With Tubular Sleeves


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