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Installing Vapor Barriers In Your Home

Vapor barriers, sometimes known as vapor retarders, are essential in most environments in controlling moisture in your home. When excessive moisture builds up it can cause severe damage to the homes structure, causing the wood to rot and can also ruin the insulation.

The most common vapor barriers used are plastic sheeting (visqueen), kraft paper adhered to fiberglass insulation and reflective foil sheeting. The materials resistance to moisture is measured by its permeance value, also know as a perm rating.

In most climates, the most important areas of the home that will require a vapor retarder are the exterior walls, crawlspace and ceiling (when insulating with fiberglass batts).

How To Install A Vapor Barrier or Vapor Retarder In A Crawlspace

How To Install A Vapor Barrier On Walls

How To Install A Vapor Barrier On A Ceiling






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