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How To Insulate Rectangular Ducts




Morgan P. from Kansas City, KS wrote:

What's up Itchy?

How do you insulate ducts? Got some good do it yourself ideas? I've gotta get this done before next winter.

Piece of cake! I've probably insulated a couple of miles of ducts in my time. It's a good DIY project and it will save you money.

Make sure you get your measurements correct before you by your materials keeping in mind that ducts are cylindrical or rectangular in shape. When buying insulation get the right size to allow for room between fixtures or walls where there are tight spaces. I recommend using foil faced insulation batts.


Wear some protective clothing, a dust mask and goggles.

Before installing insulation check the ductwork for gaps or cracks. Use duct tape to seal these areas. Also check the joints and tape if necessary, making sure it's secure.

Measure the circumference and cut the batt to that length. Wrap it around the duct and secure it with duct tape. You can get insulation in widths of 3 or 4 feet so you won't have as much measuring and cutting to do. Continue this process the entire length of the duct. Once done, go back and tape every insulation batt where it joins with another completely along the seam.


In some areas of the attic the duct may be partially covered with existing insulation. In this case you only need to worry about covering the exposed areas of the ductwork with the insulation blankets.

In some areas it may be just too tight to completely wrap the duct, such as along joists or walls. In this case insulate as much of the area as possible. The easiest way to install in this situation is to wrap as much as you can and staple the ends to the joists or wall.

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