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How To Apply Caulk To Seal Air Leaks




Dan W. from Lexington, KY wrote:

Hey Itchy,

I've got some air leaks in my house and I plan on sealing them with caulk. The problem is that the last time I tried this I made a mess of things. Got any do it yourself tips for me?

I'm telling you man, caulk can be a messy deal if you're not careful. Before you get started you need to figure out where the air leaks are coming from. Once you've accomplished that you're ready to seal those leaks with good ole caulk.

You can purchase several varieties of caulk. There is the standard that use a caulking gun and others come in pressurized cartridges. Some are water based for easy clean up. If you're like me this is the way I would go.

Keep in mind that with using caulk we are trying to seal leaks a quarter inch wide or less. Windows, doors, plumbing fixtures like water pipes, faucets and bathtubs are all areas where air leakage occurs. Some ceiling fixtures also might allow air to leak through.

Before applying the caulk be sure to clean the area you're working on and remove any old caulk with solvent, putty knife or whatever else that will do the trick. If the temperature is under 45 degrees wait for a warmer day before caulking.


Here are some tricks I've learned about applying caulk:

  • Hold your caulking gun at a angle of about 45 degrees if possible.
  • Use a steady motion when caulking and try to avoid starting and stopping when possible.
  • Sometimes the caulk will try to come back out of a crack. Show it who's the boss and push it back with a putty knife.
  • Don't try to caulk on a wet or dirty surface as it won't adhere and you'll be wasting your time.
  • On larger cracks be sure to fill the opening completely.
  • Sometimes the caulk will shrink. In that case apply some more to make sure the crack is sealed.

Applying caulk is a task that I personally don't care for but it has to be done to seal those air leaks. Some people have a knack for it and some don't. Feel free to cuss as needed to get the job done.

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