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How To Insulate Garage Walls


Randall B. of Portland, OR wrote:

What's shake'in Itchy,

How do I go about insulating my garage walls? I'm not going to hire some contractor when I know I can do it myself.

Garages can attract moisture, especially in your neck of the woods. Hopefully you plan on making it a heated area. If your garage walls are framed with 2X4 you could opt for fiberglass batts of R-11 or R-13. If they are 2X6 you could use a R-19 rated fiberglass batt. Most garage walls are 16" on center, so you'll want to buy 15" wide batts. Check your local building code to determine if you need unfaced insulation or batts with a vapor barrier attached.

Measure the length and height of the area to be insulated for the garage walls and multiply. Many garages have higher walls than inside the home and you may need to purchase the batt insulation in 9 or 10 foot lengths. Insulating a garage wall is really no different than an exterior wall of the house. The only exception is that in most cases, you're not going to use a vapor barrier.

Make sure you're wearing goggles and a dust mask. Use a sheet of plywood to make your cuts on with a utility knife. Cutting them on concrete will dull the blade. Start at one end and work your way around. If you're using kraft faced insulation, staple the flanges to the face of the studs. If you've bought the right length of insulation you won't have to worry about making too many cuts. 



Place the batts into the wall cavities so they're flush with the edges of the studs. Make sure to insulate behind any plumbing. Use pieces of scrap insulation to fill any gaps.

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