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Can I Re-use Or Recycle Old Insulation?

Debbie J. wrote:

Hi Itchy

I am demolishing a house built in the 60s piece by piece and saving some of the materials and using them in a different house (such as the hardwood floors and 2x4 framing wood). I was wondering if it is possible to re-use the wall and ceiling fiberglass insulation. It has a foil backing on it and is easy to roll up. Can you tell me if it will be effective in another property?



You could re-use fiberglass batt insulation depending on it's condition. If it is mashed down it has lost some of it's R-Value and you wouldn't want to use it. Also, you want to make sure it is free of insects and moisture. Installing wet insulation into wall cavities may lead to dry rot which will damage the structural members of the wall. But, if it's in good shape you could recycle it and use it in another area.

I've done retrofit projects where we have re-used the insulation. I wouldn't recommend trying to re-use loose fill insulation from the attic though. Whether it's fiberglass or cellulose I don't think it would be worth the time and effort and it will not have the same quality as having new insulation blown in.

Good luck with your project.

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