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How To Insulate A Garage Door




Phil Y. from St. Paul, MN wrote:

Hi Itchy,

Winter is coming soon. Last year I insulated my garage walls and ceiling but I still have cold air coming in from the garage door. What's the best way to insulate a garage door?

Typically the garage is the largest portion of the house that is not insulated and a lot of heat or cold air can be passed through it. Insulating the garage door is a great idea especially if you use your garage as a workshop.

There are several methods of insulating a garage door, but I only recommend two of them. One method of insulating a garage door is using a heavy polyethylene panel that is covered with a foil reflective barrier. The other is using polystyrene panels.


The advantage with this choice is you get a higher r-value. Both of these come in kits that you can purchase. I'll give you the steps in installing the polystyrene (sometimes called styrofoam) panels. These are designed to fit most 8 or 9 foot garage doors:

Tools needed:

Utility Knife
Tape Measure
Straight Edge (used to make even cuts)


1. Measure your garage door to obtain it's width and height in order to purchase your materials.

2. Measure the distance between the vertical rails on the garage door. Using a straight edge, cut the panel to fit this opening. If the vertical rail has a space underneath it you will have to cut a strip of the panel to slide into that space.

3. The garage insulation panels will have a covered or laminated side used as a fire retardant. Make sure this side is facing away from the garage door. Carefully insert the polystyrene panel between the horizontal and vertical rails. They have a little bit of bend but be careful not to break them. Continue with this process until the entire garage door has been insulated.

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