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How To Weatherstrip A Garage Door




Curly I. from Kearney, NE wrote:

Hey Itchy,

The weatherstripping on my garage door is all worn out and I had to trim a couple pieces that were dangling from it. I've never done this before. What's the easiest way to install weatherstripping on a garage door?

This is a do it yourself project that can be completed easily in a day. Unfortunately weatherstripping needs to be replaced on garage doors as it wears down over time, making it brittle, dry and cracked. Once this rubber seal wears down it no longer has it's flex and it will fail to seal the air leaks it was intended to stop.

You'll need to begin by removing the existing weatherstripping by using a pry bar and a hammer. Be sure to remove all nails and staples also. I would start with the top.

Measure the width of the door and use a utility knife or saw and cut a length of weatherstripping. Make sure your garage door is closed when nailing the new weatherstripping to the top. Nail it across the top every 3" to 4". This way you can look at your work and ensure the weatherstripping is tight against the garage door to stop air infiltration. If necessary carefully trim any excess.


Once the top section is weatherstripped open the garage door and secure it with locking pliers by attaching them directly below a roller located on the rail. This will prevent it from coming down.

 Measure the width of the bottom of the garage door and cut a piece of the weatherstripping to fit. Make sure the rounded edge is facing the inside of the garage before nailing it to the bottom. The sloped edge should be facing the outside. Once it's aligned, nail it to the bottom of the door every 4". Trim any excess with a utility knife.

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