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Installing Blown In Insulation In Garage Walls




Hey Itchy,

I'll start by saying thanks for all the helpful tips on your site.

I'm looking to install blown insulation into my garage walls. I'm located in CT and the winter is coming fast. The previous owners dry walled the garage but forgot 1 little step. (insulation) There is a bedroom and a bathroom above the garage and the pipes froze the year before we purchased. I priced out the bags (R-19) and rental at a local home improvement store and it seams reasonable in price. Every tip that I can read online only refers to blown insulation in attics. Can it be blown into the walls, saving me a ton of time and money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John J.


Good ole freezing pipes. I'm assuming the garage ceiling is already covered with drywall. If not you could simply wrap the pipes with insulation.

Insulating garage walls with blown in insulation is no different than it would be for the exterior walls of your house. You could use cellulose or loose fill fiberglass. You will need to rent a blowing machine and it will require two people to get the job done. It's messy business but at least it's in the garage. Click here for my article on insulating exterior walls with blown in insulation... it's gonna be the same procedure. Good luck with your project.

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