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How To Insulate Wall Switches and Outlets

Rebecca W. from Billings, MT wrote:

Hi Itchy,

I saw a thing on TV the other day about insulating wall switches and electrical outlets. Do you think it's necessary? If so, how do I go about doing it myself?

Don't worry about insulating the wall switches and outlets on the interior walls of your home but the exterior walls are a different story. Outside air can leak in through the exterior walls and it doesn't have to be a windy day. It's a simple process:

First, count how many outlets and switches you have on all of the exterior walls. Next, head on down to the home improvement store and buy the foam electrical outlet sealers.

When you get home, turn off the power source to all of the exterior walls. (To be safe I would just turn off the main circuit to the entire house.)

1. Using a screwdriver, remove the switch or outlet box cover.
2. The foam insulation has perforated holes or cut outs that need to be removed.
3. Carefully line up the insulation with the holes used for attaching the wall plate you just removed.
4. Attach the switch or outlet cover so it fits snug against the foam insulation.
5. Continue this process until all electrical switches and outlet boxes are insulated.
6. Turn the power back on.



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