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Home Energy Audits - Inspecting Your Appliances

Hey Itchy,

Our appliances are old but still work well. We are torn between buying new appliances or keeping what we have. What are your thoughts regarding energy efficient appliances?

Liz P.

Are you still using a refrigerator over 20 years old? Does your dryer take 3 cycles to get the clothes dry? These are some of the factors you'll need to look at when doing a DIY home energy audit. Let's go over some of the areas you'll need to inspect:


They account for about 15% of your electric bill. Newer models can save over a hundred dollars a year over the older refrigerators. You should try to keep it at a temperature of about 37 to 41 degrees. Check the seal on the door for any damage. Cracks in the magnetic seal can create air leaks.

Clothes Washers

Front loaders can save you an estimated 40% in energy and water. Washing with cold water will also reduce your energy costs.

Clothes Dryers

The lint trap filter should be cleaned regularly. If not it can cause the dryer to overheat. About once a year you should also check your vent to make sure it's not blocked with lint or other substances.

Water Heaters

These should be wrapped with a insulation blanket to save energy. These come in various sizes and styles and can be located at your home improvement store.

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