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How To Locate Air Leaks While Conducting A Home Energy Audit Or Inspection

Hi Itchy,

My house is always drafty. I just added more insulation in the attic but it's still cold in the winter time. How do I check for air leaks?

Becky W.

You could have the best insulated home in the world but it wouldn't do you any good if you had gale force winds coming through your house due to air leaks. This is a commonly overlooked problem that is fairly easy to remedy.

Air leaks commonly come from these areas. Most can be fixed with weatherstripping or caulk:

1. Check fireplace damper when not in use.

2. Check electrical outlets and switch plates.

3. Look for gaps where the plumbing enters through the walls.

4. Doors and windows that are not weatherstripped are a main source of drafts.

5. Don't forget to check the attic hatch and crawl space door.

You can check for air leaks using the methods described in my article relating to sealing air leaks in your home.

Step Two: Inspect Your Lighting System

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