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DIY Home Energy Audits - How To Inspect Your Heating And Air Conditioning System

Hey Itchy,

When I can I like to fix things around the house rather than hire some one. Got any ideas on how to check out the heating and cooling system?

Chuck Z.

It's a good practice to check your heating and cooling system in the home once a year. Here are some areas to look at:

1. Take a look at the duct work. This may require you to climb into the attic or belly through the under floor. Grab a flashlight and make sure all of the ducts are connected. Many times while working in attics I have noticed large gaps in ductwork and the homeowner is heating the attic instead of the living space. If they are not connected grab some duct tape, preferably foil faced, and seal them completely.

2. Check the furnace filter. This is important as it will increase the efficiency of your unit and will also help control dust entering the living space.

3. Check the pump and fan motors. Yes, these require periodic oiling. Be sure to turn off the power source to the furnace before doing this and also to consult the manufacturers directions.

4. With the power source turned off take a look at the blower blades also. These require occasional cleaning.

5. Also check the belt. It connects between the blower and the motor. If it's worn it will need to be replaced. Again, make sure the power source is turned off before doing this.

6. If you're using an older thermostat consider replacing it with a newer more energy efficient one.

7. Check all of the vent registers to make sure there are no objects preventing the flow of air into the room.

Step Five: Checking Your Appliances

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