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Home Energy Audits - Inspecting Your Lighting System

Help Itchy!

My old lady is constantly nagging me about turning off the lights. She won't stop. I figured I would surprise her and try to make my home lighting more efficient. Got any ideas?

Arny B.

Well, first off don't make her any more mad or she might lay one along side of your head. Boy howdy, I know from experience not to ruffle a woman's feathers too much!

Home lighting comprises about 10% of your electric bill. By upgrading to new CFL bulbs you can cut this in half. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit most light fixtures. Speaking of fixtures, there are newer light fixtures on the market that will also help save energy.

Here are some ideas to consider when inspecting your home lighting system.

1. Do you need those 100 watt bulbs? Probably not in most cases. Consider changing them out with a lower wattage light bulb.

2. Consider installing dimmer switches. This will allow you to control the density of the light and also control how much energy you're using.

3. Take advantage of Mother Nature. Natural sunlight provides the necessary lighting for certain areas of the home. You could consider rearranging furniture to take advantage of it.

4. In areas where people forget to turn off the lights, such as halls consider installing a motion sensor that will automatically turn the light on and off.

5. This is a no brainer. Listen to your wife, my man, and turn off the lights when they are not needed, especially in the day.

Step Three: Inspecting Your Insulation

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